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Client360 Cloud ERP 

Cloud Based CRM & ERP

Client360 Cloud ERP is a  cloud based customer and business management portal. It uses  state-of-the-art technology platform  to deliver a working solution. 

Client360 Cloud ERP is made up of many  online modules,  each module catering to a specific business activity. All t hese modules interact together  through a simple web based application. Providing you a cohesive working solution. Don't need to buy any hardware or software. Just subscribe to Client360 Cloud ERP

Now you have the freedom to focus on upscaling your business. Taking decision based on facts and figures. Taking the business to where you want it to go. To success and profit. 

Why should I subscribe now ?  
  • Online ERP and CRM in one package
  • Specially built for SME / MSME
  • Get instant business information
  • Access data anytime and anywhere
  • Take your business on cloud
  • 360 Degree view of your business
  • Resolve business bottlenecks
  • Avoid delays and oversights
  • Get all MIS information
  • Print all statutory reports
What can it do for me ? 
  • Display and Sell Products Online
  • Handle Sales and Marketing
  • Maintain CRM Informations
  • Manage your Ongoing Projects
  • Procure and distribute Stocks
  • Keep track of your Supply Chain
  • Alert you on Receipts and Payments
  • Conduct Equipment Maintenance
  • Provide Helpdesk facility
  • Monitor your Fleet operations
  • Mobilise your HR resources
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Client360 Cloud ERP  

Get a full 360 degree business view. Anytime & Anywhere.

Manage your Sales, Purchase, Accounts, Inventory, Productions, and Man-power.


Sales & Marketing Module


Business Promotion & Mass Mailing Module.


Customer Support & Helpdesk Module


Financial Accounting & Budgeting Module


Purchase & Inventory Module


Stocking & Warehousing Module


Production Planning & Manufacturing Module


Machine Maintenance & Servicing Module

Human Resources

Personnel Management & Recruitment Module


Project Management Module


Fleet Management Module


Management Information Module


Website Module


Web Ecommerce Module

Point of Sale

Point-of-Sale Management Module

On Cloud. Above all.

Cloud computing gives you the edge. Giving you the ultimate in technology.

State-of-the-art computing. With anywhere, anytime access to your data and secure backup. Cloud is the future. Cloud brings access and convenience at your doorstep. Take a leap into the next generation technology. Expand your reach and credibility by implementing new age technology seamlessly into all your business operations. 

Tell the world that you and your business have arrived. To compete and win.

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